How to start a blog, drive traffic, get clients, monetize

How to start a blog, get traffic and turn readers into paying clients


▶ 0:20 – Introduction
▶ 2:20 – Summit 1: Content topics that attract readers
▶ 6:05 – Research strategies for finding “golden” content topics
▶ 23:20 – Summit 2: 4 Long-term traffic strategies
▶ 29:30 – Blog traffic strategy #1: Reddit
▶ 34:18 – Blog traffic strategy #2: Guest blog
▶ 45:40 – Blog traffic strategy #3: YouTube traffic
▶ 53:45 – Blog traffic strategy #4: FB group alignment
▶ 1:01:00 – Summit 3: How to turn traffic into clients
▶ 1:04:30 – Strategic blog posts conversion method
▶ 1:12:16 – Strategic e-mail followup conversion method
▶ 1:18:00 – What to do now

If you are a:

– Freelancer
– Coach, consultant
– Solopreneur

Then this training is going to..

Show you the step-by-step process to coming up with your client-attracting content ideas, driving traffic to your blog and monetizing your traffic. This video tutorial will not be like any other tutorial you’ve seen before online since you will not get tactical advice like “share your blog on social media often” or “use cool plugins and apps”. The methods taught in this tutorial is the step-by-step strategic approach to help you gain the initial “traction” for your blog. In other words, you will be able to attract your initial tribe of readers and get them to engage in your content.

3 Summits covered in this video:

Summit 1: How to find engaging, reader-attracting content ideas
Summit 2: How to drive traffic to your blog
Summit 3: How to monetize your blog and turn readers into clients

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