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    We are Working to make a Clean Forum with relevant information, your account will be deleted without any warning if found any single irrelevant post.
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    Following seo techniques and link building in ethical way that is following google guidelines and algorithm only can improve page rank for a website.

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    PR depends on the number of quality backlinks so to increase PR, try to get backlinks from high PR sites as well as sites having extension like .gov, .edu. This way you can maximize the number of backlinks and wait till the next PR update comes.

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    As far as any search engine is considered the actual listing of your domain, once it goes live is…it can take a few hours to maybe 1-2 days. This really depends on what you do yourself for the search engine to find your website, crawl it and list it.You need to let know the search engines that you exist which you can do my marketing.For example, let’s say you decide to launch your website right now and your website is live but it’s brand new. So, for publicity/marketing you can add in social networking sites like facebook,twitter etc about your website and add a link.People visit it and the search engines crawl your link and thus you get indexed.Another option you can do is create a Google Webmaster Tools account and there is a feature there, that allows you to send the Google bot to fetch your website thus indexing it. You can refer for more details .Another way is follow techniques like guest blogging and using your website as a signature,publish articles relating to your website,proper SEO techniques,marketing/advertising etc.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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