3 Simple Strategies for Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest is a pin-board-style social network that connects everyone through things that people find interesting. The social website allows its users to create, manage and browse other pin-boards and re-pin or like posts. Not only that, but the site also allows users to share the ‘pins’ on other social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Being referred to as one of the swiftly growing social networks, Pinterest is indeed becoming a social media platform for online marketing opportunities. Moreover, many are not aware that it is not only a photo sharing site but a video sharing site as well. Moreover, the social site has already added Video platform that contributed to the growth of the site.

To fully utilize the advantages of Pinterest, below are the three tips for marketing on Pinterest that marketers can follow.

Create a complete profile

With the Video platform, pinners can now upload and customize video thumbnails. To do so, one must select an image that would catch the audience’ attention at the same time appropriate for the video uploaded. Moreover, Pinterest allows users to create a few “pin-boards.” A marketer may choose to post videos on separate pin-boards and place a creative description rather than titling “videos”.

Besides, do not leave the description field blank upon uploading a video. Besides the eye-catching thumbnail, most people would like read descriptions to know if it’s worth to watch. Make sure always to describe what the video is about.

The pinners browse and pin their interest on a daily basis, and most do it every hour. Clearly, they can’t be stuck on watching videos that are too long and, in turn, bore them. It is essential to post videos of reasonable length to ensure that Pinners will watch it from beginning till end. However, there are exceptions to that rule. Demo or do-it-yourself videos can be reasonably long since it gives instructions that people find helpful.

Include the Pin button to pin images that are interesting

This is a simple way to connect with other Pinners or business pin-boards. First it gives a link to a person’s or company’s Pinterest account. Second, Pinterest follows button allows users to follow another user. Third, it enables users to interact with other users through comments and likes. Lastly, it tempts Pinners to re-pin a post. Thus, it increases marketing opportunities.

Besides asking and allowing others to follow and re-pin videos, one should also re-pin other user’s videos. In fact, re-pinning helps Pinners build their network of followers. However, it is essential to choose the ones to follow and re-pin. A good way is to find influential people in the same industry and reach out by following them and re-pinning appropriate videos.

Create a Specific Pinterest Video Campaign

There are brands that have started creating video campaigns on Pinterest that encourages re-pinning their posts. Some even created a contest to submit a photo about certain topics. It is an effective marketing strategy that helps increase brand awareness just through pinning.


Pinterest : SEO Tips to Develop Backlinks to Your Site

Pinterest is a social networking site, it is growing at a fast rate and gaining huge popularity on the web. The site has an active, fun base of users who visit it daily due to its unmatched layout and unique content sharing system. Just like other social network, it allows individuals and business owners to post and share all types of content with other users.

As for most online businesses, the fastest and easiest way to promote their services is by the use of SEO marketing tools, such as natural link building. In addition, people always link to sites that have relevant content and if the audiences found the content relevant, they will share it. This increases your brands popularity. The following are tips on how to get backlinks from Pinterest.

Verify Your Account

In order to get Pinterest backlinks, you should have a verified account on Pinterest. You will therefore get a follow link from Pinterest, which is seen as a bonus traffic generation tool. Ensure that the content you are sharing with your audience is relevant and easy to understand, as it will have more repins. The more your content get repined, the more backlinks and traffic your site will get.

Comment on Worthy and Relevant Blogs

Use Pinterest search to identify particular keywords and even comment on them. You can also do this by categories on boards, pins, or pinners, and this will help build your credibility on such subjects. Another benefit of commenting on other blogs is that you will be able to add a link or more links back to your site. Commenting on relevant blogs can also develop more backlinks to your site, and you get the opportunity to become a guest blogger.

Use Keywords to Rank on Search Engines

Pinterest pages ranked high and with relevant keywords have a chance of getting high quality backlinks and boosting your Pinterest SEO. With Pinterest, it is important to avoid the use of hashtags and instead use searchable keywords to describe your images. However, when using hashtags, do not stuff them on your page, but use them only on certain words to highlight them.

Learn From Your Competitors

It is always easy to learn what content is being promoted or re-pinned from by your competitors on Pinterest. You are also able to know those who repin their content from their websites directly and use this to your advantage. You can achieve this by going to Pinterest source URL: and you will be able to discover what content have been pinned from your competitors’ websites and domain.

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3 Methods For Driving Traffic From Pinterest

Did you know that Pinterest can be used to drive traffic to your website? Recent research indicates that it is growing rapidly as a tool to boost your social media presence and drive traffic.

According to Shareaholic’s Q3 2014 Traffic Report, Pinterest drives more than three times the traffic of Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Twitter combined.

But in order to get that traffic, you have to use the right methods. Just pinning your content will not help. The most important things on Pinterest are the images themselves. So make an extra effort to create compelling and irresistible images. Once that is taken care of, you can focus on how to drive traffic using Pinterest.

Here are three actionable methods that can help you.

1. Add a Pin It Button to Your Website

The first thing you need to do is to add a Pin It button to your website that will appear on every piece of content having an image. You can do it just like you add any other social media buttons.

Doing this will help visitors to share your content on Pinterest that they find interesting. And when they do so, their followers will also see it and further share it. This way, your content will gain popularity and credibility.

2. Make Your Board Easily Searchable

Creating the board on Pinterest is not sufficient. You have to make it easily searchable. Name your board same as your website or blog name. Also add description, taglines and links that tell people what your blog and board are all about.

It will also make it easier to find your board on Pinterest as well as search engines. But make sure you don’t stuff your description with keywords just to rank higher. Keep in mind that, ranking in searches will be of no use if you turn off your potential visitors.

3. Improve Engagement

You need to engage people to get traffic to your website. Regularly share images that are not only compelling but also invoking curiosity and interest in the viewers so that they click on it and go to your website.

Also do research on your followers’ interests and the kind of images they like and share.

Recently Pinterest has introduced the feature of Rich Pin. You can use it to add descriptions and specific information to your images to tell people more about the content they link to.

You see, if used the smart way, Pinterest can be a great source of referral traffic. If you implement the methods described above, you can attract a lot of visitors to your website.

But make sure you post images that are highly specific and relevant to your niche. This will help them to rank in searches and they will engage more viewers.

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Market With Pinterest

Pinterest is a platform where users are allowed to share and save their content in pin boards. It is a discovery engine where people go to find ideas, get inspired share visuals and ideas and to connect with each other.

When you create a pinterest profile and board for your business, you are basically building a visual portfolio of the things you love and that inspire you. Unlike social media, posts that only last for a few minutes; 24 for twitter and 90 for Facebook, pinterest pins last for more than 153,000 minutes. This gives you the assurance that as many people as possible will see your posts. It provides you with long- term traffic, something your business needs.

Build Good Relationships With Influencers

Pinterests have influencers. These are people or businesses that already have the attention of the audience you are targeting. Once you have established an influencer, follow them and re- pin their content. Be careful not to overdo it so you seem like a stalker. Also make thoughtful comments on the materials they post. This is the first step in establishing a good relationship with them. It will also give you the chance to tap into their audience as people may click on your name to know who you are.

Use The Boards For Your Business

Using pinterest, like using many other social media platforms it is easy to be carried away by just how casual everything looks. If you do get carried away, you lose the opportunity to create boards that are informative and that reflect your business. Making many boards that give information on your business, what you do, where you are located, what people should know about you and a guide on how to buy good products will help other pinterest followers find you easily without getting bored with the mix of information.

Use Rich Pins

At one point or another, you will have pins that you will want to add more information about. Say maybe you have a 1000 word article on a particular pin, you will not want to post the whole article on pinterest, it may bore people. Instead, you could put a rich pin where you give your audience the title of the article, the name of the author and the link to where they can find the article for themselves. It is a great way to give your audience more information on pins that could be of interest to them. It is also a way to get more traffic to your business’ website.