Shakira Net Worth 0


Shakira, one of the most famous woman singers worldwide stands in number 40 of Forbes for the richest women in the world. Shakira is estimated to have about $200 Million. Her net worth increased amazingly due to her two songs which are very popular among the people. The songs are hips don’t lie and waka-waka. Those songs became the block buster hits. However, Shakira nowadays has a problem with her ex manager, Antonio de la Rua. As we all know above, Shakira has already got a lot of net worth after she got the block buster hits. Therefore, her ex manager who felt that he helped her to get her success wants to get her money too.

The case which is faced by Shakira reduces her net worth. Her ex manager is trying to get her money. He tried to ask for the share he deserves related to Shakira success. After some time, Shakira got some deals with Antonio de La Rua. The deals are Antonio gets live nation, sponsorship with Telephonic, and also Puig perfume. All of those deals are counted much for her net worth.

It happens that the ex manager is also her ex boyfriend, so it seems that the case is going to be more complicated. Well, the risk of losing her net worth is getting higher. Therefore, Shakira needs to get further action to save her net worth. However, it seems that Antonio has big tickets in winning this case. So, Shakira will have a greater chance to lose her wealth and she has to work harder on it. Although Antonio is her ex boy friend, it does not mean that she can get a deal to get a win-win solution to that problem. It seems that Shakira needs to work harder to get more wealth.

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