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pine tree

One of the most popular uses for Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil of Pine, in fact, is for supporting respiratory ailments such as coughs, colds, bronchitis and even sore throat.

Native Americans stuffed mattresses with pine to repel lice and fleas. Pine was also used in medicine and baths for mental and emotional fatigue.

The oil is thought to be antiseptic and can boost the circulation. It is said to be helpful for people suffering from rheumatism and nerve pain.

Therapeutic-Grade Essential Pine Oil has a refreshing, woodsy smell that is quite invigorating. One interesting thing about pine oil is that it shares many properties with eucalyptus oil and the two oils work even better together, so it is a good idea to keep both on hand to harness the full potential of the oils.

Pine oil should not be used by people with severe bronchial problems or chronic asthma. If you are pregnant, or under a doctor’s care, consult your doctor before using pine oil. Do not use it on infants or small children, and avoid using it around sparks or open flame.

Make sure you wash and rinse your hands before and after working with pine oil and avoid getting it or any other therapeutic-grade essential oil into your eyes. Keep therapeutic-grade essential oils out of the reach of children.

Another important warning having to do with therapeutic-grade pine essential oil is to choose wisely. Many companies produce pine oil products that are cut with turpentine. This makes for a cheaper product, and some people say that it is safe, but it should not be used internally or externally and it won’t give you a nice pine fragrance when used aromatically.

True, unaltered Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil of Pine is more expensive than these tainted varieties, but it is also more powerful and more useful as an addition to your herbal medicine shelf.

Pine is a wonderful scent—that’s why it is used in so many cleaning products—but Therapeutic-Grade Essential Pine Oil is also an uplifting and purifying scent that is great to spray around the house even when you aren’t doing housework.

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