How to Wash and Preserve Cashmere Scarves 0


Nowadays, wearing scarves has becoming a fashionable element in people’s daily life. More and more people like to use scarves to match their clothes. Cashmere scarves are expensive and precious. They are a mark of elegance and nobility. Then how to wash and store them in good shape are very essential. Here are some washing tips:

First, the cashmere scarves should be immersed into a tub of warm water about 35℃, pour some neutral detergent such as shampoo or special detergent for cashmere into the tub, and then soak the scarves for a quarter or half an hour before washing. After that, give the scarves a few gentle taps, do not scrub them.

Second, clean the scarves with water, then squeeze the water out of the washed scarves with hands gently, make sure to remember that do not twist them. After that, put the scarves into the cloth bag and then dehydrate in the wash machine. Then bring them out and lay flat to dry.

Third, do not twist or hang dry to avoid deformation.

Forth, multi-colored cashmere scarves can’t be soaked and the cashmere scarves of different colors can’t be washed together to avoid cross-color.

Fifth, if your cashmere scarves are badly soiled, you can soak them for a longer time or just bring them to dry cleaners to wash directly.

Cashmere scarves are exquisite and precious; therefore, after knowing the right washing methods, knowing how to preserve Cashmere scarves is also extremely important.

When it gets warmer, cashmere scarves are no longer used, we need to pay much attention to its storage. The following are some maintenance skills.

First, because cashmere fiber is thin, it can’t withstand firm pressure, and it belongs to the animal protein fiber, the cashmere scarves should be well cleaned and dried before its storage to prevent moths from eating the scarves.

Second, don’t put them in the same bags with other clothes. Cashmere scarves can hang with clothes hangers to make them flat.

Third, remember to keep them in a dry, ventilated, and light proof place.

Forth, wrap mothproofing agent in thick paper, remember not to let them touch the cashmere scarves directly.

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