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We explain all the ways you can get your work out into the wild

Most of your care and attention in iMovie goes into perfectly piecing together your movie project. You want to ensure that every frame and shot is correct, with the right audio and other effects firmly in place. What this all means is that by the time it comes to exporting and sharing, some people can skip through the process and not really take in all the options open to them. This tutorial will take a look at all the sharing options on offer to you at the business end of an iMovie project, and when is the best time to use them.

From posting your projects to CNN’s dedicated news site to uploading it to a video sharer like YouTube or Vimeo, this tutorial will give you a better understanding of all the ways you can get your projects out there.

Step-by-step Share your iMovie projects

1 Share

Once you have completed your project and are ready to export and share it, there are two ways to do it. Either click File then Share from the menubar or just click the share icon in-app.

2 Confirm

Whichever sharing option you choose, a confirmation dialog will appear. This enables you to add tags, a description and choose the size of the project when it’s exported.

3 Render

When you’re happy with all of these points, click Share. This will begin the export process by rendering your movie. The time it takes depends on your project’s size.

4 Exported

Once rendering has finished, your project will be ready to be uploaded, sent or shared as you see fit. It will also have been added to the iMovie Theater for you to view at any time.

iMovie sharing highlights

A look at some of the other sharing options within iMovie, and what sort of projects they would suit being used for…

1 Vimeo

A video-sharing site, Vimeo is widely populated by independent filmmakers. So if you’re particularly happy with your movie project, then this is the place to send it.

2 CNN iReport

The US-based news network has a dedicated area of its website just for citizen journalism uploads. iMovie even has a template for you to use for your own reports.

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