How to Look Sexy in Skinny Jeans

There are many kinds of women’s apparel that can be considered inherently sexy (such sheer outfits, tops with plunging necklines, miniskirts and skirts with shockingly high slits) and skinny women’s jeans are one of them. And what’s nice about this sexiness is that it doesn’t even show that much amount of skin.

It’s easy enough to look sexy in revealing clothes when you already have a sexy figure. But when you don’t have the long and slim legs that some fashion models do, it may not be quite as easy to look sexy in skinny women’s jeans. Not easy, mind you, but not impossible. Here’s how:

Pick the Right Jeans

Not every pair of skinny jeans is the same, so make sure you buy from a reputable company and that you get it in the right size. You will have to be honest with yourself, and you shouldn’t buy it in a size too small—not only does it look ridiculous when you do, but it also seems a mite desperate. Get the right size or even a half size bigger. The slim fit of the skinny jeans will hug your rear, thighs, and calves, and reveal your figure. If it’s too small, it may bunch and pucker up some parts of your body, which is decidedly unsexy.

For an even slimmer look, chose a pair in dark colours. Black, dark blue, or grey can tighten your silhouette. Also choose jeans with the widest leg you can find and avoid jeans with elasticised ankles when possible. Wider legs work better in complementing your curves more effectively.

Match Your Jeans with the Right Tops

You can wear long, loose women’s knitwear to make yourself look sexier, because they can hide your wider body parts and it forms a nice contrast with the tight bottom of the jeans. With a long jumper or tunic, you may also cover up your hips and butt. Longer and looser women’s knitwear also prevents you from looking oddly disproportional.

The same principle applies to women’s shirts, although those who already have a nice slim figure can opt for women’s shirts with a tighter fit. But, if you are of average size, wear your shirts loose and long.

Go with an Attitude

Sexiness isn’t just a look; it’s an attitude. You need to be confident that you look good and attractive (which you should be if you’ve followed all the advice so far) and you need to believe that you’re actually sexy. Once you have this mind-set, true sexiness isn’t that far behind.

If this attitude isn’t forthcoming, perhaps it’s time for you to take up yoga or gym classes, as well as a diet adjustment. More confidence may come your way with the knowledge that you are actively doing something to get the shape you want, so that you look good and sexy in your skinny jeans.

Remember, you don’t have to be a malnourished model to enjoy the look of skinny jeans. Just wear one in the right size, match it with the right tops and the right attitude, and you can be as sexy as you want to be.


How to Wash and Preserve Cashmere Scarves

Nowadays, wearing scarves has becoming a fashionable element in people’s daily life. More and more people like to use scarves to match their clothes. Cashmere scarves are expensive and precious. They are a mark of elegance and nobility. Then how to wash and store them in good shape are very essential. Here are some washing tips:

First, the cashmere scarves should be immersed into a tub of warm water about 35℃, pour some neutral detergent such as shampoo or special detergent for cashmere into the tub, and then soak the scarves for a quarter or half an hour before washing. After that, give the scarves a few gentle taps, do not scrub them.

Second, clean the scarves with water, then squeeze the water out of the washed scarves with hands gently, make sure to remember that do not twist them. After that, put the scarves into the cloth bag and then dehydrate in the wash machine. Then bring them out and lay flat to dry.

Third, do not twist or hang dry to avoid deformation.

Forth, multi-colored cashmere scarves can’t be soaked and the cashmere scarves of different colors can’t be washed together to avoid cross-color.

Fifth, if your cashmere scarves are badly soiled, you can soak them for a longer time or just bring them to dry cleaners to wash directly.

Cashmere scarves are exquisite and precious; therefore, after knowing the right washing methods, knowing how to preserve Cashmere scarves is also extremely important.

When it gets warmer, cashmere scarves are no longer used, we need to pay much attention to its storage. The following are some maintenance skills.

First, because cashmere fiber is thin, it can’t withstand firm pressure, and it belongs to the animal protein fiber, the cashmere scarves should be well cleaned and dried before its storage to prevent moths from eating the scarves.

Second, don’t put them in the same bags with other clothes. Cashmere scarves can hang with clothes hangers to make them flat.

Third, remember to keep them in a dry, ventilated, and light proof place.

Forth, wrap mothproofing agent in thick paper, remember not to let them touch the cashmere scarves directly.

scarf image

Tips on Wearing Scarf Fashionably

Scarves are not only the accessory to offer warm and comfort but also brighten you up as a chic and gorgeous ornament. Wearing a scarf is one of the easiest methods to enhance your appearance and increase the feeling of elegance and temperament. However, it is not simply a matter of wrap-around-your-neck, but a comprehensive consideration of color, material, size and methods of making up with them. The follows are some suggestions of wearing scarf fashionably.

When you are thinking about colors, it is better for you to consider your skin tone. Take something for example, if your complexion is a little bit dark, I advise you not wear scarf in deep colors. That is to say, if you are in a light skin color, try something dark which is practicable. Since a scarf is tied just alongside of your face, you are also supposed to make sure that the color has to highlight your makeup and match with the color and style of your jewelry. For example, a longer necklace might be hidden by the knitwear types or the color of scarf conflicts with your eyeshades or eye-rings. It is kind of hard for you to select a perfect color to neutralize the two colors, whereas with many attempts, you will definitely seek out those satisfying ones.

As to the materials, there are many categories, such as silk, cotton, knitwear, and wool and so on. The essential part is to make the material of your scarf and cloth harmonious, exactly, for instance, it is really not wise to wear a tinny silk scarf in winter which is not warm and match with your bulky outfit; and if you are piling on scarves with big and thick scarf, I think you definitely look more clumsy in winter. It is advisable to consider twice on the question that the necessity to add a scarf and what material to choose. I think it is wrong to wear something just large and shapeless. As far as I am concerned, a vintage silk scarf shows a more traditional feeling. Silk or fringed one is great for summer clothes. What’s more, knitwear styles are good for outdoor jackets to obtain more convince, comfort and casual feeling.

Anyway, the first thing is to choose the correct type to match your clothes, and then a suitable color to accord with your complexion. Last but not least, a proper method to tie up the scarf making it brilliant as a chic decoration. Go and look for your style


Different Ways To Wear Infinity Scarves

  1. Doubled or tripled around your neck within the classic French manner to feature color to your face. Always, puff, pull, and fluff your scarf till you’re glad that your scarf doesn’t look too planned, too consciously organized, or too formal.
  2. Doubled around your neck, however force out additional to the perimeters to form your shoulders look wider. Creating your scarf wider can balance massive hips if your scarf contrasts along with your outfit.
  3. Doubled as a neck hotter. This appearance additional tailored – virtually sort of a turtleneck – and might be created to appear as if the headscarf is really a part of a coat or dress.
  4. Doubled around your neck in associate exotic color to distract from different components of your body. Imagine this hot inexperienced worn against all black or all navy.
  5. Doubled around your shoulders as a classic scarf. The longer, wider, or stretchers associate eternity scarf is, the additional ways in which you’ll be able to wear it. But, one eternity scarf is rarely enough. You’ll become enthusiastic about these accessories once you play with them.
  6. Doubled around your shoulders during a messier, additional spontaneous scarf. This kind of casual, carefree look is simply right with boho outfits.
  7. Doubled around your shoulders (like a shawl) with one layer force up as a hood or head cover. Wear your eternity scarf like this for heat or for glamour.
  8. Best gifts for somebody ladies over forty fifty. Single-layered scarf force up so the headscarf color encircles your face. once you wear the hood slightly back like this, the front of your hair can show, and you always wish the headscarf color to be clearly totally different from your hair color.
  9. Long scarf left long and open. Once associate eternity scarf hangs down during a long circle, it visually adds length to your neck within the same manner as extended jewelry or a low-cut V-neck high.
  10. Long scarf doubled, however force to 2 totally different lengths. This is often one in every of the foremost flattering ways in which to wear associate eternity scarf. It adds interest and texture to your outfit, and it lengthens your neck once done right.
  11. Long eternity scarf doubled and worn at medium length. If you would like the fashionable, spontaneous look, twist your scarf a little before process it around your neck. To me, this scarf desires additional puffing or twisting.
  12. Doubled scarf force resolute sides and up high in back. This nice look brings the main target to your face and shoulders. You’ll be able to fluff the headscarf up higher before to hide a wrinkled neck.



Tips On How To Wear An Infinity Scarf

There are numerous ways on how in order to wear an infinity headband. All you absolutely need would be to incorporate some sense associated with creativity in you. It is easy, really. Considering that will, it’s actually similar in order to regular scarf, just devoid of the unnecessary hassle with this ends.

As a Shawl

As it’s simply like an ordinary headband, apart from the point it’s circular and there are not any ends, you may also wear it as with any other shawl. Just be sure which you have one that is larger or longer because normally, you can’t use a smaller one and don it like a shawl. Discovering the right size or length, it’s possible to wear it on your shoulders just like you would with a traditional shawl. If you’re feeling bolder and much more creative, you could even use it only on one shoulder after which wear the other side draped down. That will look tremendously sexier and even modern-day than the ordinary.

Being a Hood

This one is more of your urban chic approach on what to wear an infinity headband. This type of style happens to be a really new version with the typical scarf. All you have to do is place it around your head, then twist and cycle it back over your head for a headscarf/neck headband variation that’s insanely stylish. What’s actually great concerning this is a sensational scene to worry about this loose ends messily holding around your neck or on your shoulder. Getting an infinity scarf to be a hood results into acquiring a cleaner effect. Together with one go, you can save yourself from having to readjust it every now and then like what normally happens with using a regular scarf.

Just remember, position the seam at the back in order that it wouldn’t show. Choose lightweight infinity scarves since it provide you with more options while a new thicker chunkier one would have been a little more hard to play with. Bearing each one of these friendly tips in mind, you will be good to go to see for by yourself how fun accessorizing having an infinity scarf really is.